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What We Do

What We Do

Who is Prepare for Today?

Prepare for Today is a community-driven passion project organized by Christine and John Halbrook. This passion began when the couple started traveling together to destinations where access to resources were limited. By appropriately preparing for those adventures, the Halbrooks were able to enjoy their trips with limited worries.

The Halbrooks live their lives with a focus on preparedness and find joy in helping others do the same. This preparedness mentality has found its way into all aspects of Christine and John’s lives. From their day jobs to their volunteer activities, the Halbrooks focus on preparing for any planned (or unplanned) adventure.

The Halbrooks also offer classes on the following topics:

Introduction to Radio Communication

No matter your adventure, radios are commonly used. This one-hour discussion gives participants an understanding of the different radio systems that are available to civilians. We review these systems and provide an understanding of the rules and laws that govern them. If you are interested in learning about how to get started with Amateur Radio, GMRS (General Mobile Radio System) Civilian band, and other systems, this class gives you the tools to start that journey.

Stop the Bleed

Rolled out by the White House and the American College of Surgeons, the Stop the Bleed curriculum is intended to give a lay person the knowledge and skills needed to stop serious bleeding during an emergency. Our program gives hands on experience with tourniquets, wound packing, and other techniques that can save a life.

Lets talk about Resiliency

Originally presented as a motivational keynote, our discussion on resiliency and resilient communities provides participants an understanding of what it means to be a resilient person, family and community. Reviewing how we break down, and how we can be stronger after trauma is important to understanding that resilient people are not inherently stronger than others, they just have different experiences that have shaped them. We can all work to be a little more resilient with every experience we gain.